Sorry – Full House In Heaven

Well even if there were no Utopia maybe if we are good we can make it to heaven when we die, so be good. Not even that is sure these days because it seems God had overlooked the rate of population growth and the real estate guys are making it even tougher to accommodate all good people. It seems like in such a rut that when the last three good doctors who died they were kept waiting for some time at the door. After some waiting one of them couldn’t take it anymore and ran up to give the doors of heaven a hard rap. Saint Peter opened and spoke quite embarrassingly “I am most sorry but we haven’t got room for you so I am afraid you have to wait till we solve the space problem which I believe in co-relation to the ups and downs of various factors is temporary really so be patient…”

The doctor was furious, but being a good natured man still held his cool and pleaded calmly, “I have been good all my life, and worked 12 hours a day as a doctor, helped cure many sick and old people, sometimes unpaid. Although wealthy my wife and family of 5 children led simple lives. Even during school vacation we visited various third world countries and our fun was in digging wells in villages no rich people stepped into. I gave half my earnings to church and charity every month.”
“I am sorry.” was all St.Peter said as he closed the door in silence.
The surgeon standing behind him could not believed it and dashed forward to rap on the door and screaming, ” But I am a good man and a superb surgeon. I saved so many people I have thank you cards that my wife collects and they fill the house more than our collection of National Geographic, I was also in the Korean War and the Vietnam War and I helped saved lives on both sides of the fences. Surely you can let me in!!!”
St. Peter opened with his finger to his lips, “Shhhhhhhhh, I told you there is no more room, it is too crowded and we are trying our best to make more space but you just have to wait, and please try to be quiet. ”
Disappointed they both sat on some rocks on the side and were almost in tears as they reminisced the self sacrificial lives they led and wondered with self pity about all those times they had been tempted and yet resilient in not succumbing to the devilish ways of their colleagues.
Another elegant old man with a Freudian beard, bald and smiling like a Dalai Lama went up to the doors of heaven. The two doctors warned him that it was futile explaining why. But he ignored them and St.Peter after a short conversation with him swung the doors wide open while sounds of angelic harps and trumpets could be heard as a red carpet was rolled out to welcome him . St. Peter quickly shut the doors firmly as he walked in with quiet joy. The two dejected ones rushed up to rap on heaven’s door and cried out in anguish to be let in.
St. Peter opened again and asked sternly for them to be quiet.
“What is this about? How come you let him in?” the two doctors chimed in desperate anger.
“He is a doctor and a good man” St. Peter retorted.
“So are we!”, shouted back the two doctors
“But he is very special doctor, he is just what we need because now there is a problem in heaven.”
“What is that!? What can he do that we can’t?”
“He’s the very best psychiatrist from Singapore and he has helped many important people in Singapore!”
“Hark we have helped and saved lifes of all nationalities in the world! Why?”
“Oh yes but because for sometime now God is sick, God thinks he is LKY…”

Get me the best from Singapore!


2 thoughts on “Sorry – Full House In Heaven

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    • Dear Murray,
      Thanks but no thanks! What are you trying to sell to me? Either you have a problem understanding existential philosophy or you are robotic tool of some higher intelligence going about doing a job you don’t even know the purpose in the task you have been assigned to do. Unlimited content by way of copy? What are you saying?

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