A Possible Utopia

There is an island and then across the sea another one. We live in fear and yet would not care to show it nor acknowledge it. Its like we wish to get off the boat yet would still want to keep one leg on it. Its like that joke about the difference between and the realist, the dreamer and the complacent citizen of the republic. The three guys sat on a chair without knowing that there was a nail sticking out and up from the seat. The three guys will give us different archetypical reactions. The realist annoyed by the pain of being pricked by the nail would kick the chair down and breaking it apart while cursing away and even blame the whole world for his pain and suffering if he is at the same time happen to be a pessimist. The dreamer would pluck the nail out of the chair to keep like a new found treasure, saying in wonder and optimism, “Ah what a nail! Maybe this could be useful or made into something else!” The complacent citizen of the republic sitting on the chair with its nail painfully sticking up his backside would say “Ohhh mmm maybe… maybe its supposed to be like that!” and willingly sink deeper into his suffering, with-holding any expression of pain.


One thought on “A Possible Utopia

  1. one guy died and were sent to hell. There at he the gates a gate keeper asks him: do you prefer to go to hell of the first island or to the hell of a second island?
    – what is the difference?
    – not much difference: in both places during a year you got 365 nails hammered in your bottoms!
    – so what is the difference?
    – you see, in the second one each day you get a nail in your… well in the first one, hmm… on most of the days they are lacking nails for everyone or a hummer got stolen… or something else… but be sure, in the end of a year you get them all 365 nails!

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