VEE Good

vee enuf

Grinning in your face….again…

They say everything tastes good when you’re hungry. Well not when its poison and when hunger is not cancellation of consciousness. As an artist my second motto is to stay hungry. But when you realized how stupid it is to get angry with others when it is your own actions that are poisoning yourselves. Blaming every bit of wrong doing on others when you could just make a slight adjustment to change things and make it better for yourself as well as for the next person standing next to you. Which is the new you.

Did you remember when you first walked alone happily realizing you really could be independent from the ones who helped you before? Yes the feeling of having arriving somewhere you never been before. New adventures, tastes, sounds, touch, senses all new like a baby but independent from the need to be cared by mother love. It is a special feeling that is so necessary in a life of repetitions and daily routines. We forget the joy of living. The magic of a new day. The call of adventure in the songs of tomorrow. The love in the eyes of our family and friends. We who are ready to steer the stars and reach the sun and the moon and yet we forget these simple joys of a human being.

Let us stop all that monkey business for a while. Stop that budget calculation of red and blue. Stop that begging your papa and mama for more love when you got it all but then you forgot the limits now you’re through. Stop your fuzzing your ugly friends for being more beautiful than you. Stop being genius and just be you. Wake up to the new you. Time for rest and real stew. Take off your hat. Make your mess. No matter if go east go west. Jest as much test or fest. Its good better best. Vest nest yes. Happiness is in your chest!

1 June 2015

P.S. written at Poetry Smiling. Make that grin into a smile…221651_10150155569982957_624457956_6761033_4333431_n


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