The way to heaven is to get out of hell

I woke up and found out the blues began because we forgot to end it when we got found the shoes did not fit no more for walking so here comes toe jam! And he ain’t no B.B. But he is the king of broken donkey ding! take it away Mr. Taxman can wait I got 3 days to get back yoga engineering friends get me out of hell another road go My goats are waiting!!!
0wakeupI repeat myself when I am desperate
I repeat myself when I feel I’m alone
I repeat myself when I  don’t know how to go home
I repeat myself when I seem like ready to send them rockets gung
I repeat myself when I want to pan handle the bone
I repeat myself when I can’t reach you phone to phone
0cHANGE1Guess I need a new job, so I found the only one I wish for is purfectlee fitting to my disposiTion
Does anybody KNOS Mr. Monty Python of the ministery of funny walks?
What’s the address to send my letter of application to?



5 thoughts on “The way to heaven is to get out of hell

  1. I repeat myself for the same reasons, although I don’t understand purrfectLee… is, is it the two “i”s that, as robbers, fit my disposiTion as a martyr on The cross? Kicking against the goads expecting a different result. Is the ring of repetitions cracked by “alcohol brings you back home” or does the robber to my left only lean-fall onto my shoulder and precipitate further my downward disposi下on to the bottom?

    Dominique (sedimentologist)

    • I am diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease since 2007 and i don’t drink alcohol nor do any doobies no more. yes i did inhale those days are gone now and maybe its one of the reasons i feel i m dead and gone or even wish for it sometimes but whoa what you are saying babe about being the king of kings nay i was talking about B.B. King man he just passed away and he was the best blues king!!! but i got the blues these days cause i got real sad thinking about things happening here in my dear sad little paradiso alamo….
      and i got things on my mind i need to say but i need to say it right cause i get misunderstood so many times but u know its my fate to as much try before i die. And i must be ready even for that when i try saying them…
      hmmm i go sleep n try again tomorrow
      but meanwhile if you really want to understand here is some things that may help confuse you more!! haha but they read better than finnegans’ jeee!

  2. Oh Lee, it was more a reflection on my own use of alcohol. I was also intrigued by the uppercase T in disposition as a cross or as the cangi for bottom (if the i leans into it). Although, as you point out, the reference was to Jesus I was thinking of St. Juan Goto who was also crucified. B.B. stood out for sure however I am more of a Ledbetter (and other old Blues types)… the other half of my heroes being Monty Python characters of course! Now Ledbelly is in Finnegans Wake and B.B. King ain’t. I know, age.

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