“His-story & Other Stories”…..

or how to avoid a confrontation without really trying…

I am very pleased with myself today for due to my illness, and my sweet innocence, I was able to avoid a confrontation with the prince. You see I do believe in negotiation with the powers that be and that is why I am where I am today. But it’s not a comfort zone: BELIEVE me. However my heart is in an emotional mess if you want to know more I’m afraid I do have limitations on my privacy although oh some of the people think I am BBC on everything in my life. But you are wrong. The thing is, I have said this many times  before and here again I know well that fame is an occupational hazard for artists and the better you get the more hazardous it grows.  I am very honest about that and I think the people who are close to me know what I am talking about. But when one has emotionally unsettled heart one is hard put to confront larger responsibilities whereby I for one would not back away from normally but this time round please excuse me. I do have things I wanted to say and in fact oh it is much too much for if you only knew how I am feeling and why I gave up my family name for TANG yes its an artist’s name on facebook but you know if you know. Nay I would have to….Future Poof stay cool…like a flower? Ahem! uumph…

Anyway it was his first date and it is looking quite promising for better things to come. But tell you what i think, like all first dates, if you’re a smart gal you don’t even try to touch right? Ok maybe a little bit, just for test test ho ho ho!

At the most you listen to what he is saying and you watch his next move. Cause you know these days we gals got to be taking the worst case scenario first of all: ” ALL MEN ARE BASTARDS! ” AND especially when your date had not even gave you a glance for 49 long years and now its good isn’t it. But too good if you ask me. So let’s say we done it but what’s next? After first date?
I tell you what I did. I went home. But it was not easy to decide cause I also got pains on my body and i forgot my pain killers. So I went home …and I sang my songs for my friends and we had a good time for fun. I haven’t had this fun for long time. But here, my songs are real. If musically it may all sound the same but like my friend Roi Vaara, from Finland who incidentally play a real good blues riffs of a wider variety of repertoir than me, once commented,”hey your songs all sound the same but if that is your concept its ok, but ….” and I laughed and said “Hell! It’s the Anyhow Blues ! Man whadayaa expect?”
’cause my time is precious and I have pains on my body i need to deal with so as far as I am concerned i got no time for first dates scenario.And i take art seriously OK! Let me know if we get to the negotiation table cause there I have a black book with a list of  things I would like  to present to his excellency.
I have no time for cheap first dates. Let’s talk. Seriously. I have a 15 years old son and I realized how bad a father i have been and why my battle gets tougher and how Parkinsons takes its toll on me.  And how this Godforsaken country still give peanuts to the ones  they know not but are so treasured by more enlightened socieity. But if you still give me that PAPA thing to me after neglect of 49 years?.sigh…aiyah….I rest my case. and what i got. I only put into my little black book as if it really matters. Cause you know we all need a miracle sometimes! Even pigs sometimes have tears when they see pearls! (maybe it was in my dreams) and carry on with sunflowers in the rain…

gal good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

photo-1 We been evicted from this house. Sad.


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