Sadness is sitting on the wall and looking up and down
when its obvious that a fire is burning .
hey don’t turn away guys, where is your mind?
Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.09.24
1 for hongkong pray for the safety, for the humanity of authorities not to use violence, for wise leadership on both sides to quickly be identified and find an union in reconciliation through peaceful resolution.
2. Singapore shud try to help. as neutral party. why not ? Big Bros shud show they respect small countries in order to gain trust of the people of Hong Kong. I don’t like mob actions too. my friends misunderstand why i don’t participate in 6/4 events. i explained first i am not into anniversaries, even birthdays and deathdays weddings and national days. i did respond to 9/11 though cause i was caught in Lunaganga of Jeffrey Bowers beautiful estate in Sri Lanka when that happened. it was such a bizarre experience for me i did 9/11 art projects as a homage to peace on a personal level for 5 years after each not announcing its significance only in my heart. the last one was doing it on 10 September because our singapore biennale shited to 11 sept without my knowing. it was difficult to shift the date further afield as actually i do not want to clash with the biggies, so i just did one day before. by serendipitious timing we got a bigger crowd than expected with an private close door performance where i tested nude performance with a revisit of Yves Klein. anyway i don’t want to detract too far.
My sadness here is for Singapore’s innertia and apathy both with the people and the state. i am sad that how the young are so quiet and lost in space, with no opinions and me sorry to say sitting back to wait for others and 3 old ladies in my home tell me not to speak up when I have not even started . I always thought women should rule the world but when my three old ladies say that it remind me of the Japanese zen monk who said “Women are trouble!” Don’t believe him cause i know women who have correct attitude but please come on where is thy soul? Singapore?
3. Sun rise pray geronimo not necessary to die but ready is ready and alll yee humpty dumpty get off that wall!!!
bless you hongkong, let wisdom be on its way before its too late. one song i sing for you and you and you…
To Hong Kong with Love..
sadness, silence, soul-seeking
art as prayer, peace, penance, petition, propitiation

for you i pray again
and again for
A Revolution of Love
I want to celebrate everyday
Everyday a revolution
You know the earth goes around the sun
three hundred and sixty five a quarter days a year
that makes more than a revolution a day
A revolution of love
That’s how I found out that hatred hide away
Replace that idiocy of hatred with love
Take out that discontent and replace them with ser
My path for the future be love
Let’s celebrate the revolution today
For going around that bright sun
the source of life and source of light
to put away the darkness and hatred
to live and not to kill each other
this earth is big enough for all of us
stop that hatred and blood shed
stop that senseless killing
learn to live with each other
not to kill and to live in harmony
in the light of the source
there is only one revolution
the revolution of love

Culture of Fear
Nothing like a good crisis that you can get to know what others are thinking of you. Like I been warned or insinuated for being opinionated for the wrong reasons. Gone are the days when making a stupid statement can mean just that: foolishness. But it comes with a warning that pretty much tries to get us to shut up, or else.
:”don’t let your friends in Hong Kong make use of you to make statements. It is not your battle!
: Health Care come first. It’s no help if you are not alive.
It all boils down to the fear culture of one party rule, out of either so much in common to centralization of power in the mother country such as that in Hong Kong does parallel our own albeit a bit much difference in scale are we. The thing that is different from the mother country how ever is not only one of scale but also that of distance.

But I just do beg to the ones who’s been going on at me to refrain from the recent entries in the matrix as well as in life to rest assured that I may have been in various times been lost in my self doubt but my baptism in fire had in fact gave me a strong sense of what is going on with the responsibility to speak the necessary that is within the legal framework of what is in need of clarification and what not. That which is permissible should be inside this framework of legality. If not we should then be asking for it.

If these people want to live long they should let me be and sing these songs with me.

I rather die than live in a world that does not speak its mind.


2 thoughts on “O SADNESS X 3

  1. Hong Kong is barely worthy as a political problem, whether internally or globally.

    Hong Kong is smaller than Hainan Island, geographically even Hainan Island can pass itself off as an island republic like Singapore or Iceland, but Hongkong as well as Macau is physically part of China mainland. Hong Kong and Macau are like two ovaries of an adult woman, while Hainan is like a newborn baby, we can suggest that Hainan stands in its own legal right as a sovereign entity if one day it fights for independence, yet if one ovary tells an authoritarian woman that I am an independent provider of life and therefore I expect democratic processes about how I secret my eggs and run pregnancies, a wicked gynecologist will simply tell the woman to cut off one ovary because there is still another remaining. If Hongkong rebels, just bomb it. If USA and Russia has enough bombs to decimate ISIL in Syria, China has even more kitchen arsenal that can make Hong Kong simply disappear.

    Islands that want sovereignty are often doomed for the occasional annexation. Look at what happened at Crimea, Sevastapol simply became Russian territory within weeks.

    If Singapore survives either Malaysia or Indonesia military threats, it is because we open our doors practically in all ways so that amidst our meekness, Indonesia and Malaysia can see Singapore as a solution instead of as a problem. 🙂

    While as a Singaporean it upsets me even more when Indonesia abuses us verbally when we sent only one military plane to save their burning forests in 2015, the truth is that it is not difficult or impossible for Indonesia to do to Singapore within a year what Russia did to Crimea within weeks.

    In fact if the People’s Republic of China annexes Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan completely before the next world war, the so-called state of emergency is non-existent it is a gone-r for Singapore, the ordinary modern Singaporean doesn’t know whether to be a Malay, an Indonesian, or a Chinese, most of the teenagers and those serving NS are not born in China, if we side with the British, the Americans and the Australians, we are also no longer with the Commonwealth, and we were never part of the NATO.

    *We can at best pretend being neutral.*

    Hong Kong, orh, neutral loh.

    Then breathe just one breath..

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